A Big Thank you from Toys for Tots for creating and maintaining their website.

Knights of Columbus Council 6322
received 2nd place for their website at the 2015-2016 State Convention
I just finished viewing and reading you District Web Page. Congratulations on such an informative and professional site.
-- Charlie Clark, PSD
Knights of Columbus Northern California Chapter District 7
Thank you for keeping on top of all the details on my website --Judy Brockman JB and Associates
I cannot tell you how many people have complimented on my new website. Outstanding job! --Judy Brockman JB and Associates
The photos for our latest sale were emailed this morning and they are online tonight. It's only the next day and I already have someone interested in one of the items.
--Judy Brockman, JB and Associates
Judy, I was very impressed with your website.
--Brenda O'Reilly(re: JBandAssociates.us)
What a great site. I love the format and background of the pages. The history article was wonderful and the calendar is up to date. I think the entire site is a valuable asset for the PPCCCA. Thank you so much for advertising the CERT Academy on the main page with the link to the flyer. We appreciate all the help we can get with regards to advertising.
--Bob Todd, CERT Academy leader (re: PollockPinesCA.org)
Class of 1973 web page is really cool! What a great way to handle the coordination of the reunion party.
--Larry, Classmate of Alhambra 74 (re: Alhambra High Class of '73)
Wow! The website you built continues to get more impressive!! Thank you for your time and attention to this, and for gathering all the interesting information and great pictures of our hometowm. You've done our class proud!!
--Jody, Classmate of Alhambra73
I love this website---you've done a great job. I'd love to link to some of your history page and put on our website.
--Linda, Classmate of Alhambra 58 (re: Alhambra High Class of '73)
The Alhambra web page is spectacular! Thank you for all of your time and effort in building such an informative site
We just joined the troop and I needed to know what my son needed to pack for summer camp as well as all the forms to be filled out. Someone said I would have to drive an hour to the council office for the forms, but I found them on this website. Imagine the stress off my mind!! Thank you... (re: Boy Scout Troop 460)
I'm the new advancement chairman for my troop (not this one), but didn't know just what was expected of me. I found your site and the job descriptions. Now I have some idea of what to do.
(re: Boy Scout Troop 460)
As a member, we were able to access scans of the *complete* Torches for many, many years *including ours* (in case you have lost yours). The quality of the scanning is outstanding!
--Gordon, Class of 1949 (re: AlhambraAlumni.org)
Your intro page is Hot!! Thank you for including the pictures of the library in the slide show. The link, Alhambra Alumni Website, is now located under School Links on the AHS school website. Thanks again for creating this wonderful resource for the students and staff of AHS and the entire community. (re: AlhambraAlumni.org)
Love your website. Am Sue's older sis -- Meant to send this a long time ago. Thank you so much for doing this! (re: AlhambraAlumni.org)
Thanks so much for putting up our site and kicking off our reunion plans. (re: Edison High Class of '79)
Just wanted to thank you Karen for putting this website together with the pictures, updates, etc for the Edison class of 79. You did a great job. Thank you very much. I love the memories. (re: Edison High Class of '79)