Domain Registration
- The process of registering a site's name. This is similar to the "office sign" on your building. This can be complicated and is best left to professionals like us.
Website Hosting
- Providing space for a website to exist. This is like the "rent" you pay for office space. By allowing us to set up your domain registration and hosting, we can better guarantee the features you are reqesting.
Search Engine Optimization:
the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid search results. In others words, how we attempt to get your web site on the first page of BING, YAHOO, or GOOGLE
The process of planning your website's purpose, pages, look, and services. Such services would include forms and of course your branded email address(es).
Branded Email Address
An email address that includes your website, for example, but not When your site is registered and hosted with us, this is an essential business item we provide for all our customers.
Protected Directories
A series of pages not available to the public. This portion of your site would require a username and password and could include: rosters, newsletters, special prices, etc. for members or frequent customers. This would be included in your site's cost with us.
Site Statistics
Reports which show information such as the most popular pages on your site, from where they are being viewed, the viewer's browser, and a number of other pieces of information to let you know how your site is doing. We make this available on your request.
Image Displays
The arrangement of graphics and photos on your site or page. We have a variety of layouts available, which keep the reader on your site and reduce the amount of scrolling to see them. The layouts are recommended based on the amount of content and its purpose